Something about Semper


Hi everybody! This is Kristina

Born in 1996 in a small town called Nitra, in an even smaller Slovakia.Currently living and creating in London while breathing its polluted and artsy air.

Since she was a little girl, she was enchanted by all forms of art and as small kids don’t care at all Kristina said: Why not to perform them as well? Not talking only about singing in the shower (which is, btw still horrible) and acting huffily when feeling aggrieved by her parents but dancing and drawing happened to be a huge part of her life. The main inspiration was seen in the older sister who attended the art school and little Kristina was coming to watch her every time she could and has never missed one of the sister’s opening shows. At the age of 9, she joined disco dance group but left straight after as she came to a realisation what she really wants to do is fine art. So then, not long after, parents signed her to art school. Tralaškola became a reason why she was looking forward to Wednesdays. Always the last one to leave, she couldn’t be happier. But then a huge decision came. Leave the primary school and go to eight-year secondary grammar school or stay on the previous one and devote to art in a free time? After a lengthy decision-making process, she ended up studying IT and computer science for 8 years. Trying to keep up the pace with school and extracurricular activities was becoming more and more difficult. Somewhere on that road as she was growing up and drifting apart from art, she was slowly losing her dream of being an artist. After a few years without painting it was time to start thinking about future and decide where to go to university. And so she rediscovered and dug up deeply rooted passion.

In 2013, Semper Fortis was born.

I’ve started to use this motto as my artistic name as it fit into my situation at that time. I’ve created a blog, bought DSLR camera, started to doodle and take snaps describing my life, came back to art school to work on my portfolio for Middlesex University. Because life is too short not to do the things you love ♡ And here we are. Four years later, I’m trying to finish my bachelor degree by doing what I love the most… capturing my life, inspiration and works in words and pictures.

Welcome to my life… this is my journey