I offer you an insight into my head, to my way of thinking. Often chaotic and not making sense but despite that mine. Discussing progress with tutors, the process of writing, testing, researching on materials, experimenting, dispairing, laughing through the tears but also laughing from the bottom of my heart. This all was a part of my life past three years and is likely to remain in the future as the road of an artist is an endless journey full of joy, happiness, despair, iron will, bad decisions making, but as we all know

Bad decisions make good stories ✮

Words warily written
into the wood incised
shouldn’t be seen by those eyes
Tell me what happened
thoughts are blurry; soul is blackened
darkness is about to rise
Sitting… patiently waiting
As wax in layers is dying
and wick is burning in disguise
The inner voice cries
though the words remained hidden
Could be worse I assumed
but in the end it’s just us
And all we’ve had is doomed